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I spent about three hours at Mozambique boarder gate as the official wanted a certified lock (sic) book for my vehicle. Only to realise he wanted a bribe. We being robbed at Mozambique boarder gate. I will never go to that country by car I either take taxi or bus cos if you are South African you are targeted if driving your own vehicle.


Adam Ward


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We recently undertook an overland trip to Gonarezhou in Zimbabwe. In order to get there we went through the Kruger National Park and left South Africa via the Pafuri border post. When we entered Mozambique our problems began.


We were forced to pay bribes to the border officials on the Mozambican side in order to proceed. After travelling no more than 500 meters we were again stopped by military personnel and were again compelled to pay a bribe in order to proceed.


The next day after crossing the Nwanetsi river we were again stopped by military personnel and again had to pay bribes in order to be allowed to pass.


When we arrived at Chicualacuala, the emigration officials were polite and courteous, however the customs/ military personnel at the exit gate would not let us pass until we had paid them. One of the officials removed a folder containing maps from our possession and then tried to sell it back to another member of our group.


The overall experience was so unpleasant that we changed our travel plans and instead of returning to South Africa through Mozambique we left via Beit Bridge in Zimbabwe.


In contrast our experience in Zimbabwe was most pleasant. We found the officials courteous and helpful.

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Does anyone in mozambique wish to comment?
Is this attitude of government officials going to signal the end of tourism in Mozambique?
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